Retirement Planning

Being well-prepared for your retirement has always been important, never more so than today. That's because, not only are more people living to pension age, they are living longer after they retire.

Add to this, waning financial support from the Government, historically low interest rates, volatile investment conditions, pension reform and changes in legislation, and ensuring you're well prepared for retirement is a significant challenge. So while we can't predict the future we can certainly help you plan for it.

Foresight and experience

Making sure you accumulate sufficient financial resources to fund the retirement lifestyle you want is likely to take many years. What's more, the choice of saving and investment options available to you, and the number of different financial strategies at your disposal, particularly when you retire, can be daunting.

This is where Barwells years of foresight, experience and independence matters most - from designing your retirement plan, to regularly reviewing it over the years to ensure it remains on track, to helping you decide on the right options at, and after, retirement.

We can advise on:

  • State pensions
  • Personal pension plans including self-invested personal pensions
  • Occupational pensions including specific knowledge of public sector schemes
  • Tax relief and contribution rules
  • Non-pension options including ISAs, collective funds, maximum investment plans as well as other specialist schemes, such as Enterprise Investment Schemes and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes.
  • Annuities and drawing benefits

Considered expertise

With so much change and reform happening so quickly, it's essential to keep your retirement savings plans under regular review. At Barwells our extensive knowledge and understanding of pensions and pension legislation in an ever-changing marketplace, make us perfectly placed to advise and guide you and ensure you meet your retirement objectives.

Living in Retirement

Having well-structured, well-organised and well-planned retirement savings and other financial assets will help you maximise your retirement income level. It will also ensure the reliability of that income throughout your retirement, leaving you free to enjoy yourself without worrying about the future.

Our far-reaching expertise, within a broad range of retirement income strategies and vehicles, means we can help ensure you have the right solution to meet your objectives in retirement.

Before you retire

We advise in the months leading up to your retirement date, to help you prepare your retirement income plan. This is a crucial time when you have the most options open to you. You won't be able to reverse some decisions, so it's critical you make the right ones.

The breadth of our expertise - which covers state, personal and occupational pensions, other saving and investment accounts, and property - means that with Barwells you have all the necessary skills and resources to help you achieve your desired level of income.

For instance, you can benefit from our in-depth knowledge of pension rules and the range of specialist retirement income vehicles, annuities and income drawdown plans. Complementing this, you can also access specialist investment knowledge, particularly in creating sustainable, tax-efficient income portfolios. Find out more about how we can help invest your money.

During your retirement                      

We can make sure your income plan is, and continues to be, fit for purpose. Our ongoing monitoring and guidance can help you deal with the rising cost of living to maintain your retirement lifestyle, regardless of prevailing economic conditions.

Future generations

Using your assets to finance your retirement years is not the only important goal. Also key is preserving what you can for future generations.