Personal Injury

Our dedicated Personal Injury Team offers specialist financial planning for damages awards, advising in both pre and post-settlement. They work alongside the legal adviser to help establish a claimant's likely long-term financial needs, and then create a specific financial plan to achieve this, taking account of trust, and damages profiles.

Personal Injury Trusts

If you receive compensation, even an interim payment, it will usually cut your means-tested benefits.  That may cost you more than you think.  Not having benefits can stop other services such as free prescriptions.  A Personal Injury Trust can prevent you from losing your means tested benefits.

Even if you do not get means-tested benefits now you might want to protect your compensation from the growing cost of long-term care, or to preserve future possible benefits.  A Personal Injury Trust may also protect your assets in the event of divorce or bankruptcy in certain circumstances.

Barwells experienced Independent Financial Advisers can guide you through the complexities of setting a Personal Injury Trust and, if required, assist you with the investment of the award.