Inheritance Tax Mitigation

Preserving Your Estate

At Barwells, we can develop strategies to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes, with a focus on reducing tax on wealth passed to your beneficiaries as part of your estate.

We can also help you avoid the burden of long-term care costs, an ever-growing threat to estate preservation.

Inheritance Tax planning

Providing for your loved ones after you die is obviously an important issue. Yet, poor planning can cost your beneficiaries hundreds of thousands of pounds in Inheritance Tax (IHT). However, it is possible to reduce significantly the amount of IHT your beneficiaries pay, or even ensure that they pay none at all.

Ensuring first there's a solid foundation for your plan - a solicitor-drafted will - our expertise will give you access to the range of Inheritance Tax mitigation techniques. These range from you making full use of IHT allowances and exemptions and giving away your assets, to using trusts and IHT-efficient investments. Being part of a firm of Solicitors we are uniquely place to assist you in this area.

Our service also extends to probate planning, and providing help and advice to family members dealing with the immediate financial upheaval in the event of your death.