Our Commitment To Our Clients

Our aim is to achieve a sound long-term professional relationship with our clients, based on mutual confidence and trust. To this end we make the following commitments:

  1. We will ensure that all new clients are fully informed about, and agree to, our Terms of Business and in particular the way in which we will be remunerated.
  2. We will agree with each client which adviser is to be regarded as their main point of contact within the firm.
  3. We will ask our clients to disclose to us whatever personal and financial information may be required to enable us to provide suitable advice and will check regularly with our clients to ensure that this information remains up-to-date. We will maintain such information in absolute confidence.
  4. We will always recommend whatever course of action (or inaction) we consider to be in the best interests of our clients.
  5. We will explain our recommendations to our clients in writing, in terms designed to assist their understanding of what can sometimes be complex issues. In the case of investments, all of which involve some degree of risk, we will seek to ensure that we establish the objectives of individual clients and the risk that they are prepared to take to satisfy those needs.
  6. If we do not possess expertise in any specialist area of advice we will with our clients’ agreement obtain advice externally, but we will ensure that this is consistent with the overall financial plans which we have recommended.
  7. We will account to our clients for any commissions or other remuneration which we may receive from the providers of products or services which we recommend.
  8. When requested to do so we will maintain a regular review of our clients’ investments and other financial arrangements and will provide reports containing up-dated valuations and recommendations for future action.
  9. We will liaise with our clients’ other professional advisers in an effort to ensure that our advice is complementary to theirs.
  10. We welcome our clients’ suggestions as to how our service might be improved and will undertake periodic satisfaction surveys, the results of which will be considered at internal meetings of staff and management.
  11. We will regularly review our procedures, systems and service levels with a view to ensuring that our clients continue to be treated fairly.
  12. In the event of any dissatisfaction, clients are invited to inform their main contact or if appropriate the Chief Executive of the Company or any of the Directors. Complaints which we cannot resolve may be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service, details of which are available on request.