Our Advice Process for Investment and Pensions

Initial Meeting:

At our initial meeting(s) we will :-

  1. Gather and record all relevant information needed to provide you with advice appropriate to your requirements and needs to include income, expenditure, assets, liabilities and aspirations.
  2. Consider affordability, debt repayment, retention of sufficient contingency funds, the impact on benefits and tax implications.
  3. Discuss your investment experience and establish the risk that you are prepared to take with your investments
  4. Ensure you are fully appraised as to the advice that will be provided and the fees involved.


Following our initial meeting(s) we will provide a report which will detail the following:-

  1. Your specific requirements and needs, including your attitude to risk.
  2. Recommendations including our reasons for the proposals in clear and plain language and how these address your requirements.
  3. An explanation of the risks and disadvantages or penalties associated with our recommendations.
  4. Details of the investments recommended for purchase in the form of, Key Investor Information Documents or illustrations and the Key Features of the investment or pension.
  5. The charges relating to the investments, our costs and fee arrangements.
  6. Your cancellation rights.

Further Meeting(s):

After you have had the opportunity of considering our report and recommendations a further meeting will be arranged to:-

  1. Review the report in detail and address any questions or queries that you may have.
  2. Agree on any amendments to the original recommendations.
  3. Complete the appropriate application forms.
  4. Make arrangements regarding the regular review and valuation service.

Post Meetings:

After we have agreed the way forward we will:-

  1. Confirm to you in writing the arrangements made.
  2. Dispatch the applications.
  3. Check the transaction records or policy documents received and forward these to you or place in safe custody as appropriate.
  4. Answer any queries regarding the documentation received.

Further Reviews:

These will be undertaken on an annual basis, at the very least, with half yearly reviews being provided where required, taking into account the value of the investments being arranged. 

Reviews can be done by post or meetings. The cost of the reviews will be discussed and agreed with you at the outset.